Interfaces (Part 2): More Fictional UIs

As seen in my previous post on interfaces, I’m in the constant lookout for great fictional UIs.

This time around, I present to you the work of GMUNK and Nawaz Alamgir.

GMUNK (Bradley G Munkowitz) is a seasoned veteran in the VFX world. His name is usually the first to come up when referencing anything related to motion graphics. His work encompasses a wide range of disciplines within motion, including title design, music videos, advertising, and UI animation. It is always a pleasure to admire GMUNK’s incredibly detailed interfaces.

Pictured below are some screens for Oblivion:

01 - OBLVN Light Table UI_02_960

01 - OBLVN Light Table UI_06_960

01 - OBLVN Light Table UI_07_960

01 - OBLVN Light Table UI_12_960

02 - OBLVN Bubbleship UI_09_960

03 - OBLVN HUD GFX_03_960

03 - OBLVN HUD GFX_06_960

The following screens pertain to Nawaz Alamgir, a motion graphics designer based in London, UK. His work resembles a mix between Mark Coleran and GMUNK. Nonetheless, the aesthetic quality of Alamgir’s interfaces is top notch and are some of the best examples of fictional UIs I’ve ever seen.

I’m quite impressed by the amount of work on each UI screen. The overall typographic grid and layouts within these interfaces display a clean and sophisticated look while maintaining a stark tone of efficiency. Big props to Nawaz for these beautiful screens.







Below is a pretty interesting time-lapse video of Alamgir’s painstaking UI process:

FUI – Echo – Timelapse of Data Screen from Nawaz Alamgir on Vimeo

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